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Our Childcare & Learning environment prioritizes the well-being, development, and happiness of every child. It is a place where children feel safe, nurtured, and inspired to explore, learn, and grow. Here are some key characteristics of our childcare and learning environment:

    1) Safety and Security: Safety is paramount. Our environment is childproofed and regularly inspected to ensure it’s free from hazards. We have secured entry and exit points, as well as strict protocols for picking up children.

    2) Caring and Qualified Staff: Our caregivers and educators are well-trained, experienced, and genuinely caring. They have a deep understanding of child development and are able to create meaningful connections with each child.

    3) Age-Appropriate Spaces: Our facility has age-appropriate learning spaces, play areas, and equipment. These spaces are designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and physical activity.

    4) Structured Learning and Play: We balance structured learning activities and unstructured playtime. We give children access to a variety of age-appropriate educational materials, books, toys, and games.

    5) Individualized Learning: Our environment recognizes and accommodates each child’s unique abilities, interests, and learning styles. Personalized learning plans help children progress at their own pace.

    6) Inclusive Atmosphere: Our environment is inclusive, celebrating diversity in all its forms. It promotes kindness, empathy, and respect for others, fostering a sense of belonging among children.

    7) Healthy Nutrition: Nutritious meals and snacks are provided to support children’s physical development. Special dietary needs or allergies are carefully considered.

    8) Effective Communication: We provide open and transparent communication between caregivers and parents. Regular updates, conferences, and feedback sessions are encouraged.

    9) Safety Protocols: In case of emergencies, we have well-defined safety protocols in place, including first-aid training for staff and readily accessible emergency supplies.

    10) Engaging Curriculum: We provide a well-rounded curriculum that includes not only academic subjects but also social and emotional development. It is age-appropriate and aligned with the latest educational standards.

    11) Outdoor Exploration: Access to safe outdoor play areas and nature exploration are part of the environment. Nature offers endless opportunities for learning and sensory experiences.

    12) Parent Involvement: Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s learning journey.

    13) Continuous Improvement: Our childcare & learning center is committed to ongoing improvement, incorporating the latest research and best practices in early childhood education.

    In our environment, children are encouraged to dream, explore, and become lifelong learners. It’s a place where their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs are met, setting the foundation for a happy and successful future.


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    Diapers 2 Diplomas Learning Center LLC is a local, family owned childcare and learning center. We have been providing excellent childcare services in Omaha since 2013.

    We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our reliable staff is CPR and first-aid certified. Call us at 402-731-7929 to learn more.

    We conduct field trips during the summer and offer transportation to local schools on prior notice of one week.

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    Location:  5310 S 52nd St. Omaha, NE 68117

    Telephone: (402) 731-7929

    Email: [email protected]

    School Hours: M-F: 6am - 5:30pm